Division 6

Competition:1737  Match:34341  DMBB

Glasnevin BC suffer defeat to Bisons LTU.
6th placed Glasnevin BC were comprehensively beaten at home by 3rd placed Bisons LTU at St Aidans Collins Avenue Glasnevin at 9:10 pm

Glasnevin BC
Form: W W L L L W L L L W L L L L

Bisons LTU
Form: W W L W L W W W L W L W W

Current League Position
3Bisons LTU139472565431
6Glasnevin BC1441067676422

This competition head to head
24/10/18 7:45 pmBisons LTU6259Glasnevin BCCollinstown Community College Clondalkin
28/01/19 9:10 pmGlasnevin BC4276Bisons LTUSt Aidans Collins Avenue Glasnevin

Recent Results in this competition
Glasnevin BC
27/02/19 7:10 pmTolka Rovers2953Glasnevin BC
11/02/19 9:10 pmGlasnevin BC4839Balbriggan BC
08/02/19 7:20 pmBC Shooting Stars5950Glasnevin BC
04/02/19 8:45 pmKUBS BC6134Glasnevin BC
28/01/19 9:10 pmGlasnevin BC4276Bisons LTU
14/01/19 9:10 pmGlasnevin BC6151Lasair Na NGael
Bisons LTU
13/03/19 7:45 pmBisons LTU6654Tolka Rovers
20/02/19 7:45 pmBisons LTU7559BC Shooting Stars
13/02/19 7:45 pmBisons LTU3758UCD Marian BC
28/01/19 9:10 pmGlasnevin BC4276Bisons LTU
14/01/19 9 pmKUBS BC5547Bisons LTU
09/01/19 9:10 pmLasair Na NGael4450Bisons LTU

Glasnevin BCBisons LTU