Division 6

Competition:1935  Match:44418  DMBB

St. Vincents BC 53 - 56 Ballinteer Bulls BC

St. Vincents BC are defeated by Ballinteer Bulls BC.
7th placed St. Vincents BC were marginally beaten at home by 6th placed Ballinteer Bulls BC at St Vincents Glasnevin at 9:10 pm

St. Vincents BC have lost 5 out of 6 home games.
Form: L W W L L L L L L L W L L

Ballinteer Bulls BC
Form: W L L W L L L W L L L L L W

Current League Position
6Ballinteer Bulls BC1441072183922
7St. Vincents BC1331058869419

This competition head to head
05/11/19 8:45 pmBallinteer Bulls BC3748St. Vincents BC
16/12/19 9:10 pmSt. Vincents BC5356Ballinteer Bulls BCSt Vincents Glasnevin

Recent Results in this competition
St. Vincents BC
26/02/20 8:10 pmDublin Sonics6158St. Vincents BC
17/02/20 9:10 pmSt. Vincents BC4737Glasnevin BC
12/02/20 9:10 pmLASAIR NA NGAEL4654St. Vincents BC
27/01/20 9:10 pmSt. Vincents BC4749Shooting Stars
22/01/20 8:45 pmTolka Rovers8047St. Vincents BC
16/12/19 9:10 pmSt. Vincents BC5356Ballinteer Bulls BC
Ballinteer Bulls BC
21/02/20 8:15 pmBallinteer Bulls BC7643Dublin Raiders
11/02/20 8:45 pmBallinteer Bulls BC5069Tolka Rovers
05/02/20 8:10 pmDublin Sonics7365Ballinteer Bulls BC
31/01/20 8:15 pmBallinteer Bulls BC5956Glasnevin BC
22/01/20 7:30 pmGlasnevin BC5435Ballinteer Bulls BC
15/01/20 9:10 pmLASAIR NA NGAEL6746Ballinteer Bulls BC

St. Vincents BCBallinteer Bulls BC