Under 17 Cup

Competition:1989  Match:46990  DMBB

Templeogue 2 0 - 20 Malahide BC

Templeogue 2 lose to Malahide BC.
Templeogue 2 were beaten at home by Malahide BC at Killinarden Community School

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

This competition head to head
06/11/19Templeogue 2020Malahide BCKillinarden Community School

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Templeogue 2
06/11/19Templeogue 2020Malahide BC
Malahide BC
06/11/19Templeogue 2020Malahide BC
04/01/20UCD Marian BC7141Malahide BC

Templeogue 2Malahide BC