Division 2

Competition:2410  Match:68443  DMBB

St. Vincents BC 1 75 - 62 UCD Marian BC

St. Vincents BC 1 take all points from UCD Marian BC.
3rd placed St. Vincents BC 1 won 75-62 against their visitors, 4th placed UCD Marian BC at St Vincents Glasnevin at 7:30 pm

St. Vincents BC 1 are currently on a losing streak of 4 games.They have won 6 out of 8 home games.
Form: L L L L W W W W W L L W W W W W W

UCD Marian BC are currently on a winning streak of 5 games.
Form: W W W W W L W L W W L W W W L L L

Current League Position
3St. Vincents BC 1171161132100739
4UCD Marian BC171161212115039

This competition head to head
12/10/22 8:40 pmUCD Marian BC6383St. Vincents BC 1Marian College, Ballsbridge
20/01/23 7:30 pmSt. Vincents BC 17562UCD Marian BCSt Vincents Glasnevin

Recent Results in this competition
St. Vincents BC 1
08/03/23 8:50 pmTolka Rovers6855St. Vincents BC 1
03/03/23 7:30 pmSt. Vincents BC 17282Trinity College BC
27/02/23 8:10 pmTempleogue BC7566St. Vincents BC 1
23/02/23 7:30 pmGlasnevin BC5958St. Vincents BC 1
17/02/23 7:30 pmSt. Vincents BC 17650Killester BC
03/02/23 8:15 pmSt. Vincents BC 17660Oblate BC
UCD Marian BC
15/03/23 8:50 pmTolka Rovers5465UCD Marian BC
06/03/23 8:40 pmKillester BC7688UCD Marian BC
01/03/23 8:40 pmUCD Marian BC6646Templeogue BC
24/02/23 7:40 pmOblate BC6072UCD Marian BC
15/02/23 8:40 pmUCD Marian BC6253Tolka Rovers
03/02/23 7:20 pmOngar Chasers BC8272UCD Marian BC

St. Vincents BC 1UCD Marian BC